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Because I don't want to spam facebook/twitter/what-have-you, I'm compiling a list o' links here of all the awesome things I've stumbled upon over the last few days. Because you NEED TO KNOW.

Kick-Ass, Made of Win People

Amusing &/Or Nifty Time Wasters
  • Adorable sleeping puppies to give you a happy when you has a grumpy/sad/&c. If you're more of a kitteh person, you weren't forgotten.
  • If you (like me) wound up watching the VMAs against your better judgment on Sunday night & thus know about Kanye being a douche and interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, I bring you imaletyoufinish.com. When you combine unrelated images with Kanye's ego, hilarity ensues! (Well, most of the time)
  • The 50 States Project, which assigns a particular theme (landscape, residence, people, etc.) and 1 photographer from each of the 50 US states submits a photo "representing," as it were, their state. Some of them are really awesome, and some are lame. I must admit my current fave is from Oklahoma (because the buffalo American Bison is looking at the jackrabbit as if to say "... quoi?")

Earlier this week the Smart Bitches held a contest for Twilight-izing the covers of any romance (or really any book), as inspired by the new covers for Wuthering Heights, Pride & Prejudice, and Romeo & Juliet. The actual post, however, seems to have disappeared and I cannot find it, nor do I know why it was taken down because it was HILARIOUS. I'm emailing/tweeting Sarah to find out what the deal is, but in the meantime you can get the general idea by checking out these Twilight-ized covers a cool cat posted in sparklefield.

EDITED TO ADD: Aaaaaand the entry is live again! Check out the Twilight-ized book covers in all their majestic glory. I have to say I voted for the dictionary, too, although it might have been more apropos to use a thesaurus. Just sayin'. :D Goodnight Moon is definitely a close second (if only because I can only ever hear it in my mind with Christopher Walken reading it, lol).


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