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So I just needed somewhere to go WTF for a moment.

I CANNOT BELIEVE FANDOM WAS RIGHT. River as Amy & Rory's child? Crack of the highest order. I was kinda hoping they wouldn't go this route because of all the "will-they-or-won't-they" (or I suppose it's "did-they-or-didn't-they") crap they've been insinuating between Amy and the Doctor. And that would make a relationship between Amy's child and the Doctor a bit... squicky, yes?

I still have no idea how conceiving a child on the TARDIS would make said child part Time Lord (it WAS established that the baby is the little girl in the space suit, yes? Except she's also River. Now I'm confused)... ACK. I suppose it would explain why River knows so much about how the TARDIS works, since she's been on it (or presumably will be on it?) since she was an infant.

I was spoiled for the Cybermen being in the episode (I purposely ignored the trailers and previews so it would all be new but still managed to get spoiled a bit; that's Tumblr for you, I guess) and then was disappointed that they didn't have a bigger role. Cybermen are my fave classic Who villains. <3

Also, not gonna lie, I totally groaned when Moffat pulled RTD's S4 stunt with "let's get EVERYBODY back together, yaaaay!" schtick. Admittedly it was a bit less cheesy than "we're all flying the TARDIS together, lolz," but still. Blergh. I did like the return of the Restac lady, this time with her spunky maid (together, they fight crime!), but... meh. Maybe I'll like it all more the second time around.

The Moff also really likes the warrior monk/holy warrior trope, doesn't he? First with the Weeping Angels 2-parter last series, and now with this episode. I suppose it sort-of fits with the "Star Wars" vibe I was getting from the set design; when you think about it, the Headless Monks are basically Sith sans heads. Their glowy swords are TOTALLY lightsaber wannabes.

Maybe I should've waited until I watch the episode tomorrow with Andrew to post about this, but I just needed to let my head 'splode somewhere without spoiling people who haven't seen the episode yet.
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