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While I'm super glad they're airing this series of Doctor Who on BBCA concurrently with the regular BBC, it doesn't change anything for me because we don't have anything beyond basic cable. :-/ So I watched the episode on Sunday instead. First time around, I wasn't particularly impressed. I suppose I'll have to reserve judgement until Day of the Moon, since hopefully things will be explained by then. In the meantime, on my second watch, have some spoilery (and not-so-spoilery) thoughts re: The Impossible Astronaut (DW 6.01):

  • In general, Mark Sheppard (who will always be Badger to me) is a BAMF and I love him. He needs to be in every show I watch.
    • Also, how awesome is it that his actual father played the older version of his character? Adorable.

  • Have we done Easter Island yet?

  • "When you know it's the end, who do you call?" GHOSTBUSTERS! (The urge to shout that hasn't lessened upon repeat viewings)

  • I've heard (from this lovely video) that sometime in this series we'll learn who the hell River actually is. I hope so, because she's obviously being held in the lamest/lowest security prison EVER and it's a bit ridiculous. Still, she's grown on me since S4; and given this quote from this episode: "The day's coming when I'll look into that man's eyes, my Doctor, and he won't have the faintest idea who I am. And I think it's going to kill me." -- it paints her actions in Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead in a different light.

  • Remember how in Blink, the Doctor and Martha are stuck in 1969:
        "Ten: 1969. Not bad as it goes. You've got the moon landing to look forward to."
        "Martha: Oh, the moon landing's brilliant. We went four times. Back when we had transport... "
    Does this mean Eleven and his posse will run into Ten and Martha? I AM VERY CURIOUS!

  • I've heard other fans speculate that the person in the spacesuit is River because she said she went to prison for killing the best man (person? I can't remember now) she'd ever known. If this is the case, I'm wondering if it's a sort of Snape-killing-Dumbledore thing where it looks bad to everyone else but was in fact a mercy killing? Possibly? I guess (hope) we'll find out.

  • When I first met the Doctor, a long long time ago, he knew all about me. Think about that. Impressionable young girl, suddenly this man just drops out of the sky. He's clever and mad and wonderful, and knows every last thing about her. Imagine what that does to a girl.
    WAIT WAIT. What if the little girl IS River? Except I guess that couldn't be true because it's the wrong century (I guess? Although she did get the Mrs. Robinson reference and I doubt that's the kind of pop cultural reference to last millennia or centuries or however long ago it would be for her) AND he apparently doesn't know her very well since he wouldn't trust her in the TARDIS while he was asking why they should follow mysterious instructions. STILL, it's my conspiracy theory and I'm sticking to it.

  • ASDFKLJSDAFLKJSADF it looks like they really are going to do a "Who's the daddy?" storyline with Amy. UUUUUGH DO NOT WANT. Why can she not just be happily married to Rory and be Time Buddies with the Doctor? Basically I'm most concerned about Rory since it would break his poor heart, especially after he guarded her in the Pandorica for millennia. >:(

Basically it seems like Moffat started dropping hints for all of this all the way back in the 3rd series (assuming the reference to Ten and Martha being stuck in 1969 is significant; possibly not since they were probably in London instead of somewhere in Florida), or at the very least the 4th series. I need to do an Epic Re-Watch sometime, partially to pick up on other things from earlier seasons and partially because I want to watch the episodes with Sarah Jane again. ♥
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